About Us

Ryanna Capital’s mission is to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, to help them build great companies that make money as well as make a positive difference to our world.

We concentrate on businesses headquartered in:

  • The United States or Canada – that ideally plan to expand their sales and marketing efforts domestically and/or internationally
  • Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom – that have a proven, innovative product, service or technology that should be brought to the North American market

We believe that true success occurs when a business is focused on achieving both economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Ryanna Capital invests capital in companies in specific stages of development:

• Seed capital for Early-stage companies
• Growth capital for Mid-stage companies

We focus on partnering with companies that have:

• A great idea: one with both a positive environmental and economic impact
• A great team: one committed and passionate about what it is trying to accomplish
• A need for capital and assistance with one or more of the following: Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT Systems, Operations or Cash flow management
• Ambitions to expand their sales and/or operations into domestic and foreign markets

Additional investment qualifiers for Early-stage companies:

• A proven product that customers are purchasing
• Verifiable revenue growth, regardless of profitability
• Revenues from $300K to $3 million (depending on the industry)

Additional investment qualifiers for Mid-stage companies:

• A proven product within an established market
• Be generating predictable revenues from an established customer base
• Be profitable, or would be profitable if the business was not currently investing in growth
• Fairly predictable cash flow, but need not be cash flow positive now if currently investing in growth
• Ambition to expand its sales and/or operations into domestic and foreign markets
• Revenues from $3 to $30 million (depending on the industry)

Please contact us if you are looking to grow a business that meets our criteria.


Ryanna Capital is a member of The Ryanna Group of companies (established in 1996).